• Over the years ADF has been on the forefront of efforts to protect your right to purchase vitamins and nutritional supplements that can possibly help prevent and even lessen the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. Nearly every year, physicians and other medical groups have attempted to get Congress to pass laws requiring you to have a doctor's prescription before you can buy vitamin supplements and other nutritional products. ADF has worked tirelessly to block proposed laws that would limit your ability to freely purchase nutritional supplements.

  • Through a large grant made possible by ADF, a state-of-the-art prototype Alzheimer's care center that emphasizes alternative and cutting-edge treatments, was established. This care center has pioneered treatments like music therapy for Alzheimer's care and many other advanced care techniques. As a result, many other Alzheimer's care centers around the nation are now using methods developed through our care center to treat Alzheimer's patients.

  • ADF has been instrumental in getting the National Health Institute to conduct a large test on Chelation therapy. This therapy has been used by alternative physicians for many years for treatment of heart disease and has shown great promise as a treatment for Alzheimer's as well. The NIH test used the chelation therapy drug cliquinal and found that it lowered levels of the protein beta-amyloid in the blood of patients with moderately severe forms of Alzheimer's disease. Scientists believe that if beta-amyloid can be lowered in the blood it will also lower the levels of the protein in the brain and provide a new and effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease. (Archives of Neurology, 2003)

    Many physicians who practice alternative medicine also believe that certain metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, iron, and aluminum may contribute to the onset of Alzheimer's. In addition to breaking down beta amyloids, Chelation Therapy is quite effective at removing heavy metals form the body so this treatment might have a double impact in the treatment of Alzheimer's.

  • ADF, working with the Veterans Administration (VA), has also been instrumental in getting the VA to test the use of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments involve flooding the body with oxygen. Some practitioners believe that hyperbaric oxygen can help prevent dementia and improve symptoms of Alzheimer's.

    It has been shown through blood flow scans and PET scans of the brain that most middle-aged to elderly people have various "wounds" on their brain. These are areas of the brain where there is low blood flow, low oxygen transfer, and decreased neurological function. These "wounds" can lead to premature aging, dementia, and possibly Alzheimer's disease. Through the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment in many cases these "wounds" can be healed and dementia, neurological function, and even symptoms of Alzheimer's can be reversed. Our work in the area of hyperbaric oxygen shows tremendous promise.

  • ADF has also been very active in trying to shape the new healthcare reforms proposed and signed into law by President Obama. One of the main objectives of this legislation is to allow national coverage only for Alzheimer's treatments and preventative measure that are specifically approved by the federal government. As you can imagine drug companies and other medical interests want to see their drugs picked as the only approved treatments for Alzheimer's and have new alternative and cutting edge methods banned. This is something we cannot allow because it could choke off all innovation in the area of Alzheimer's care and prevention.

  • The Federal Government National Center for Complementary and Alternative medicine is an agency with a $136 million budget that we were instrumental in setting up. This agency conducts research into alternative therapies. ADF has been a key player in making sure that this agency fulfills its goals and is not corrupted by lobbyists from the medical establishment.

  • ADF also works closely with the Consortium of Academic Health Centers to expand education for doctors in areas of alternative and non-traditional medicine.