The Problem

The treatment of Alzheimer's Disease in America is for the most part geared towards serving the for-profit interests of health care providers such as pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals, and medical device firms instead of the Alzheimer's patient and the individual who would like straight answers on methods to prevent and treat Alzheimer's Disease, As a result many effective, little-known methods to prevent and treat Alzheimer's are being ignored because they won't produce profits for the health care industry.

The Alzheimer's Disease Fund (ADF) is committed to providing the Solution to this problem.

The two largest funders of medical research into Alzheimer's Disease are the drug industry and the federal government's National Institute of Health (NIH). Unfortunately, most research being supported by the drug industry and the NIH is focused on drugs, medical devices, and methods which are specifically designed to generate substantial profits for the medical and drug industry. As a result, many promising methods of treating and preventing Alzheimer's are being ignored simply because their application does not have the potential to make money.

It is easy to understand why the drug and medical industry would pursue this type of research. They have a duty to their shareholders to earn a profit. But why would the NIH, which is supported by our tax dollars, follow the same path as the for-profit drug industry? The answer is a bit more complex. First; many of the people working at the NIH either used to work in the for-profit drug industry or would like one day to get a job working in the drug industry. As a result, they have a strong bias towards the same type of research the drug industry conducts. Second; the drug and medical industry employ thousands of lobbyists who have convinced many of our lawmakers that the NIH should be working hand in hand with the industry to develop new drugs and new treatment methods that will earn money for the industry.

Because of this alliance between the for-profit medical industry and the NIH, many promising treatments and methods to prevent Alzheimer's are not getting the attention they deserve. This hurts you. It hurts anyone who would like to take preventive measures so they don't get Alzheimer's. And it especially hurts those who are now suffering from this terrible disease and who are searching for effective treatments.

The Mission of the The Alzheimer's Disease Fund (ADF) is to promote research into cutting edge methods to prevent and treat Alzheimer's that are NOT being pursued by the government funded research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the medical industry. We are also committed to alerting the public to little-known ways available NOW to prevent and potentially treat Alzheimer's Disease.

How You Can Help

Your donation to The Alzheimer's Disease Fund (ADF) will help us monitor and promote medical research into little-known methods of treating and preventing Alzheimer's Disease. We provide this information to the public and to opinion leaders in medicine through publications, media contacts, and high-level meetings with scientists and political leaders.

Your donation to The Alzheimer's Disease Research (ADF) can help promote research into promising but little-known methods to treat and prevent Alzheimer's by:

  • lobbying the Congressional and Senate Committees who are responsible for providing funds to the NIH. We also educate the public about the problems with Alzheimer's research.
  • mobilizing grassroots support to get the federal government to devote more of their budget to Alzheimer's research that involves nutritional, mineral, and other methods which have thus far been ignored.
  • compiling and summarizing medical research findings on little-known but promising areas of Alzheimer's prevention and treatment and disseminating this information to opinion leaders and those suffering from the disease.
  • reaching the public with our message thru appearances on radio and TV talk shows and thru printed materials.